Sunflower Of My Dreams/ Lyric Video Relase

Dear Friends,  

With Fall and Thanksgiving in the air, I'm offering you a special gift for this season: my new lyric video 'SUNFLOWER OF MY DREAMS'.

The 'totem/symbolism' of the sunflower is Happiness, Vitality, Devoted love, Freedom, Beauty, Hope, unbending Faith, Prosperity, Strength, Success and Endurance. 

The Native Americans use it as a symbol of Bounty, Harvest and the life    giving force of the Great Spirit.

In Chinese symbolsm, it  represents long life, good luck and is considered very  auspicious, as it is always seeking out the light, following the  path of the sun all day. 

Keep this song close to your Heart and  may it bring a warmth of Beauty and Love from the inside-out,  so you can pass this Light/Good Vibes out & about!

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