From the recording Our Own Paradise

This song is about getting past the formalities that go along with the first chaptre of dating someone. There’s extra fussing about what you’re going to wear; your hair; makeup; what activity you’re going to do together; what restaurant; what movie; what show, etc. Then there’s the second guessing yourself on what to talk about, if what you said came across as too forward, nerdy, etc.
It’s such a relief when you reach the point where you both can lose the formalities, and just BE…Be Who You Are- Where You Are. The sooner you can Chill Out, the sooner it seems that you can Be Real and Present with your feelings. That in itself can feel vulnerable, until you reach a point where you can put some trust in that other person. This song is about Accepting the other person Just Where They Are. It’s inviting him/her to be Honest and True to him/herself around you. Ah yes, if you relax, I can relax, and everybody feels better right there in that moment, and That feels Good!