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  1. Loaded Gun

From the recording Living Life Grand


She walks around with a loaded gun - it’s just what she has always done
She grew up on the rough side of life and doesn’t care much about wrong or right
She bleeds inside and deflects it - with a temper as sharp as a knife
She never cries and she’s covered under a thick hide
Josie don’t you think that it’s time 
To put down your guns - For if you
Live by them - You’ll die by them 
If that’s your true last wish in life
Don’t take your grudge to the grave
You can ride your horse another way
Time to bury those skulls of your past
And cut yourself loose at last
You don’t want to pick a fight with her - Unless you’re willing to get burned
A perfect shot - She’ll read your moves - You don’t wanna meet her angry moods
He surely stole - her heart of gold - Now she runs either hot or cold
She tries to kill - memories that still hold her hostage    (to pre-chorus)
She walks around with a loaded gun - Skulls of her past wont be outrun
                                                                                      Words and Music by Chakra Bleu
                                                                                     © 2018 Chakra Bleu Music; (BMI)