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Chakra Bleu- 'We Shall Overcome'

Written by Victoria Scott & Staff


In Chakra Bleu's “We Shall Over Come,” social justice, reggae and pop-rock come together for a purpose. With lead guitar, bass slide, and rhythm guitar, the whole song flows. The arrangement is true pop-reggae incorporating guitar and drum riffs throughout. Rhythmically, everything grooves in the pocket. The instrumentation in “We Shall Over Come” is upbeat, intense, and gets the body moving.


The performance is by Chakra (lead vocals, electric and rhythm guitar), John Billings (bass and engineer), Brice Foster (drums), Ronnie Godfrey (keys), Paul Allen (lead guitar), and Scott Ducaj (trumpet) - their playing is immaculate. You can rally hear how well synced theses musicians are. Chakra's popping lead vocals and beautiful harmonies are pristine.


Her lyrics speak about freedom, equality, and unity between genders, sexual identity, and ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Her meaning is clear from the start. “Come on now, how long must this go on, this inequality’s lasted too long.” As a united front, we shouldn’t repeat history, “Why not learn from histories past mistakes, the time to ‘live and let live’ is never too late. We Shall overcome and lead the way.” This song has such a powerful lesson and message that it needs to be heard, especially with what is happening in the world today.“We Shall Over Come” shines a light with hope, while inspiring and encouraging future generations.


It is remarkable that Chakra Bleu was able to write a song with such an important and hard topic to speak on, while still being creative, politically sensitive, and firm in her message that everyone is accountable and can make a difference. This is how a great protest, social justice song is done.


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