More on SUNFLOWER OF MY DREAMS/ Video Release

As for the lyric video release of SUNFLOWER OF MY DREAMS...
I'd like to give special thanks to...
Video Production: Shikar

My Nashvegas Music Meisters:

Cello: David Henry
Steel Guitar: Johnny Heinrich
Keys: Barry Walsh
Drums: Rick Lono
Bass: Victor Krauss
* Acoustic Guitar: Chakra Bleu
* Music and Lyrics by Chakra Bleu

Engineer: David Henry

I recall vividly, bringing this song to the 'song committee' to be considered for the upcoming album 'You're The One'...
With pens and paper in their hands, I remember seeing tears running down smiling faces, yet the room quietly intense. I didn't know exactly what this meant until, I read the comments and ratings upon this particular song, in the running, to be or not to be on this 5th album of mine...
Anyway, the ratings the committee gave this song, gave 'it' a unanimous 'green light' to be on the CD. 

As for the production, I thoughtfully decided which instruments would best compliment the sensitivity of the lyrics and symbolism in this song. In my head, I could strongly hear the cello and steel guitar delicately decorating the spaces in between the phrases and highlighting the solo, beginning and end of this song, which took on a personality of its own, in the writing and production. I simply took a back seat, so to speak, to what IT desired to BE.

I give credit to ALL the musicians and Video Producer on this song, which most importantly can hopefully bring Joy into Your Dear Hearts!

Chakra Bleu

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