I must be doing my job well if my songs are Empowering enough for 5K!

Music like Chakra Bleu's is motivational. I had a 5K race July 10th in downtown Seattle Washington, and during a part of the race I was tired and my knee injury was trying to flair up...again. Basically I hit a wall.
About that time one of Chakra Bleu's songs came on my IPod that I have on me whenever I'm racing. The song pulled me out of my funk. It was music to my ears, literally and figuratively speaking. 
Any song could come on as I had it in the shuffle play order, but her song State of Mind did (one of my favs from the Album: How Long) and as I pushed through during State of Mind, it helped inspire me to keep going. By the end of the song, I was racing in normal form ignoring the pain and loving the tunes!
My other favorites from Chakra B. are Footprints in the Sand, Power of Love, and of course All of Me. Her entire alhum, Souvenir is kind of addicting too. Good stuff!
I hear she's going to be releasing some new songs very soon.
Can't wait to hear them and add them to my IPod.
Thank you for your inspiring music, 
Monica L.

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