From the recording We Shall Overcome

Music has the power to unite like minds and hearts. This song's purpose is to promote unification and awareness that will stir us into action,  with the hope that a positive change can be made. May it help promote true equality and justice, for all races, for all genders, for immigrants, for all sexual identities, and for equal voting rights for all.
With this song I  ask the listener to consider their own dignity and encourage the dignity of all others through peaceful measures. 
Although this song was first influenced by the Michael Brown (Ferguson) shooting, along with the many other shootings following that, the overall message of this song reaches out to the Humanity in us all. This song reaches to unite us all from the Heart. This song calls out to come together in our diversity, to reign in Dignity, Justice, Freedom and Equality, standing up against those individuals and groups that chose violence, lies, fear, intimidation, hate crimes, greed and social-economical injustice. 
Chakra Bleu asks that we use this song for the sake of Unification. (She has given permission for the invitation to rip it/copy and pass it around!) We are at a crucial time in the United States, in the world, whereby the Voice of the Heart, the Voice of Humanity needs to come together and stand behind the leaders who stand for Peace, Equality and Justice. May this song promote a fervor in our Hearts to stand and work together for the good for all. The 99%!