1. Southern Wild

From the recording Living Life Grand


SOUTHERN WILD                                                 Words and Music by Chakra Bleu
                                                                                                             © 2018; Chakra Bleu Music (BMI)
We’ve been breaking in your green couch for awhile - Good Lord!
I think it’s time to bring it along for a ride - In your Ford
It’ll look real nice
In the bed of your red Ford
Verse (B):
If that couch could talk it could write a book
One that’d make you blush and take a second look
It’s like part of the family
Let’s bring it along for a ride
Driving through town - People waiving at our float
A party on wheels - wherever we go
Your F-150 decked out in style
Driving in fashion in the Southern Wild
Let’s park next to the river then jump in your bed - And make some noise
Hoist some cold ones up - to the girls and boys -tubing down
We’ll snuggle up closer
Then maybe do some fooling around
Verse (B):
Then let’s drive down the road to the railroad tracks
Listen for the whistle while we lay things back
Feel that rhythm down low
On your couch that Rocks and Rolls