From the recording How Long

This song draws on the curiosity and hearts of the audience. I think it must be a deeper level, for if you read the lyrics for face value (literally), they may be misunderstood. Unfortunately, many will 'turn off'' from judgement - but the lyrics lead others curiosity to search for the deeper meaning.... The first line of the song starts out by saying,"Years of my faith run deep in my blood - I've honored the god above"...the key word here is 'above.' The song goes on describing the frustration of a person who prays to a 'God' that is somewhere up in the sky, sitting on a throne, metting out justice; answering 'some' prayers here and there based on the judgements made upon that particular person's character. Fervently pleading to a god that is PERCEIVED to be outside of themselves, and their prayers yet to be answered, the person feels that God is making a mockery of their endless efforts of prayer and overall faith. Reliance upon a belief that God is a some white-bearded male figure who roams and rules the earth and sky - the biblical paternal, authoritarian, who sometimes can be tyrannical and acting as a beneficent; along with the belief that we we born with a stain of sin as our inner nature.. this kind of belief leads to people feeling separate from the Divine Force,unworthy and untrustworthy of others and oneself. Here's the catch: The God Force is not 'outside' us but rather within us, in everthing and everywhere equally present. This Universal Intelligence is unconditionally loving,nonjudgemental, and wise. It is necessary to remind ourselves that this same life force flows within us and within everything. We are not separate. The last line of the chorus ends by saying, "What a mockery of my prayer ends in Silence. Prayer starts and ends in the Silence of our minds and hearts. The person in this song finally understands that once Life Presence is realized WITHIN, whereby they are the co-creator of their life, then the desires of their heart will manifest in their outer world.


Years of my faith run deep in my blood - I've honored the god above For god will protect and provide for his children with perfect abiding love Holy, holy - unanswered questions remain Patience and confidence have proven to be in vain Chorus: What a mockery of my faith in you What a mockery of my trust in you What a mockery of my prayers end in Silence Oh, dead Silence Verse: My dad used to say if I'd run fast enough - I would see Santa flying away And I used to think if I'd pray hard enough - I would hear God's voice one day Dreams and fairytales of childhood slowly fade out Stone blind belief has changed and vanished in clouds of doubt chorus Verse: Preachers and priests are so quick to convince me of their 'dial-direct' to God For they've got the answers and for a fair price they'll tell me where I've gone wrong Am I bold to ask to hear your voice personally Love shouldn't have to hide in a shroud of mystery
Music by Chakra Bleu    Published by Chakra Bleu Music (BMI)