Creating my 9th album/PART TWO: what songs to pick for album

After arriving back in Nashville late August 2018, after my summer writing project, I got a strong gut prompting that it was time to start planning for my next CD recording project.

There sitting in my music office room, I…


Creating my 9th album: It all begins with a song/PART 1

Part One: Leading up to this session at Warner/Chappel took two years of specially crafted songs.In my bio, I mention that there are two times per year that I devote completely to writing new songs. In the summer I write…


Warner/Chappel Recording Project!

Happy Holidays y'all. There's much to be grateful for to say the least! I have been busy in the studio working on my 9th album! As y'all know, my genre is 'Americana' (which means I write/record/produce American music which includes…

NEW LYRIC VIDEO! 'Luke Warm Loving'

NEW LYRIC VIDEO! Dear Friends, Happy Summer!  I love summer for the beach time, sunshine, (not so much the humidity, ticks, chiggers, extra poison ivy, mosquitos and meandering snakes in the south), yet for BBQ's with friends & family, backpacking/camping, …

New Lyric Video release: Tumbleweed Roll On!

Dear Friends, 

I couldn't wait to share this treat with y'all: My new lyric video: 'Tumbleweed Roll On'. This song is from my latest CD (my 8th album) OUR OWN PARADISE.  This song is about the struggle of getting back…


NEW Lyric Video! BE MY LOVE

I'm happy to announce the new lyric video, BE MY LOVE. 

This song is the kick off song on my 8th CD, 'Our Own Paradise'. If you like Tom Petty, you're probably going to dig the vibe of this song…


New Single! Test Your Faith: Winter Solstice Release

My Dear Friends,

I’ve been looking SO forward to releasing my new song, ‘TEST YOUR FAITH’, for the birthday celebration of Jesus; the significance of his message, which also coinsides with the Winter Solstice                   (Jan 21). 

(Below, I’ve provided more


The Shadow - New Lyric Video RELEASED!

Hello my Dear Friends,   I’ve got yet another Big Treat to share with you! I invite you to sit back and enjoy my new Lyric Video.    The Shadow’, (from my album ALL OF ME)  talks about the worthiness and…

About the song Willing To Fall

In the song WILLING TO FALL, I compared the parallels of rock climbing to willingness in opening one’s heart in ‘dating’.  Both have risk factors of getting hurt; both require courage; both carry the risk of falling from ‘heights’; both…

More on SUNFLOWER OF MY DREAMS/ Video Release

As for the lyric video release of SUNFLOWER OF MY DREAMS...
I'd like to give special thanks to...
Video Production: Shikar

My Nashvegas Music Meisters:

Cello: David Henry
Steel Guitar: Johnny Heinrich
Keys: Barry Walsh
Drums: Rick Lono
Bass: Victor…


Sunflower Of My Dreams/ Lyric Video Relase

Dear Friends,   With Fall and Thanksgiving in the air, I'm offering you a special gift for this season: my new lyric video 'SUNFLOWER OF MY DREAMS'. The 'totem/symbolism' of the sunflower is Happiness, Vitality, Devoted love, Freedom, Beauty, Hope, unbending …