After Recording/Tracking comes Mix Downs - Part 13

After full on recording weekend at Warner/Chappel on Music Row, I continued in 'producer' mode for the most part. What most folks don't know about the studio process between recording and the release of the album, is a whole hoard…


Q & A: How Nature inspires CHAKRA BLEU's songwriting

Q & A : How The Outdoors Inspires Songwriting

Questions from Publicist Chuck Whiting to CHAKRA BLEU


  1. Tell me about your passion for hiking, climbing and camping in the wild? Why are you passionate about it? When did this become…

Time to record - Day two/ PART TWELVE



I arrived at 10:00AM. This day was all about main vocals,  harmony vocals and percussion at the tail end of the session.

I had to squeeze in as many main vocal tracks as…


Time to Record on Music Row! - PART ELEVEN

I arrived at Warner/Chappel on 16 Ave, in the heart of Nashville's 'Music Row', at 9:00. The musicians would be arriving soon as well, as 10:00AM was recording time.

I was greeted at the studio door by Mark Lonsway, the…


Producer's Assistant & Side Dishes - PART 10

The week before the recording date, is hustle-bustle time for the 'producer's assistant', well yes, in fact this person is Chakra Bleu, wearing yet 'another hat' , which I refer to another job full of a lot of responsibility and…


Rehearse the percussionist: PART NINE

It stretches ones ear to ask it to listen to the percussion parts in a song. Surely it is the music or lyrics that draws one into the song first and foremost. Often it is by the 2nd or 3rd…


Rehearse the Rhythm Guitarist- PART EIGHT

So again, TIME IS MONEY in the studio. That means EVERY detail must be worked out beforehand. Chakra Bleu plays her own rhythm guitar parts and the mandolin on one song on this album as well. 

First of all, I…


Rehearse the Singer: PART SEVEN

The Producer as you have been reading, has been very busy! 

Meanwhile, the lead singer 'Chakra Bleu' (moi) needs to rehearse a lot for this recording session. 

 The best key for my voice has been determined already. Now it's time…


Producer's Homework for the harmonist: PART SIX

I sang my own harmonies on my last four albums. It's a lot of work to arrange three more vocal parts, as well as arrange the time to do it, well after the main vocals have been laid down, so…


Producer's Homework for Keys: PART FIVE

Producer: Chakra Bleu prepares for keyboard flavours: PART FIVE

I was so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Ronnie Godfrey again, for the third time in the studio. Ronnie has played with many greats and his extensive experience…


Producer's Homework: PART FOUR

I desired to produce this album as well. This is a big undertaking, yet well worth it!

First of all, I wrote out the charts for each song. I usually write them out in Nashville Number System, often with chords…


Getting the ball rolling : PART THREE

I recall at the end of my last album project, the lead guitarist, a very respected Nashville session player (of multi-genres), mentioned to me to call him when I was ready again to record my next project. I felt honoured…