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Chakra Bleu- 'We Shall Overcome'

Written by Victoria Scott & Staff


In Chakra Bleu's “We Shall Over Come,” social justice, reggae and pop-rock come together for a purpose. With lead guitar, bass slide, and rhythm guitar, the whole song flows…


We Shall Overcome: Review

Chakra Bleu - 'We Shall Overcome'

Review Written by Daniel Hoyt & Staff


'We Shall Overcome' by Chakra Bleu is featured on BWH Music Group’s new release, ‘On Peace Street, Vol. One.’ The compilation album is a collection of 19…


Q&A's about 'We Shall Overcome' on compilation Peace Street album


Chakra Bleu - 10 Questions Music Interview



Chart topping, Nashville artist, Chakra Bleu has been granted many awards throughout her career, including the “Arena Award." This award has been given to recipients such as Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire -…


'We Shall Overcome' on Peace Street compilation

I am honoured to be chosen as one of the few artists on the brand new BWH compilation album of Peace and Social Justice songs:

SHOWTIME! - Part 18

The day of the show had arrived! I rehearsed myself one more time, especially giving attention to the pedal effects for each song, varied with particular parts within a song itself. I had symbols of each pedal 'command' on my…


Time to book the CD Release Show! Whoop Whoop - Part 17

It was time to Chakra Bleu to book her album release show. I decided to book the show at the historic Douglas Corner venue, which happened to be the very first place I ever played a show in Nashville. I…


Manufacturing - Part 16

Two weeks before I scheduled the meeting with the graphic artist, I needed to make very specific decisions about which templates were available for the CD's that OASIS, the manufacturer had available. There were choices of Digipaks, Zero-Carbon Footprints; Green…


Graphic Artist - Part 15

After the final 10 photos had been voted upon by 1746 Records Creative Committee, it was now time to take the project to Christie Trost, the graphic artist chosen for this album. She did an amazing job adding creative insightfulness…


Photo Opps : Part 14

Now it was time for me (The Producer) to think about the artist's album photo's. I think y'all get that I am a 'Hands-On' artist, such the like of Taylor Swift and umpteenth other Nashville artists.

So, some radio stations…