Producer's Assistant & Side Dishes - PART 10

The week before the recording date, is hustle-bustle time for the 'producer's assistant', well yes, in fact this person is Chakra Bleu, wearing yet 'another hat' , which I refer to another job full of a lot of responsibility and planning. 

Chakra Bleu's 'assistant' (Lol) has a two projects which includes finances and food.

1) Finances: She is responsible for writing out the checks and thank you cards for all the musicians, engineer and studio costs. 

2) The day of recording is intense. Every minute is accounted for by having the charts in perfect order in a fancy Bleu folder, provided for each musician. The cover singer and harmony singer will have a folder including lyrics instead of music charts. The engineer folder includes both lyrics and charts. All folders includes a list that has the order of songs to be recorded.

The vibe needs to be professional, fun and laid back. Keeping that mix in order is a minute by minute job of guidance that comes from the producer (Chakra Bleu) .

The 'assistant' has prepared a snack bag in a festive paper bag, for each musician, that includes an envelope with their check and special thank you card, a baggie of nuts/raisons/M&M's, a power bar, a couple pixie sticks, Snicker's bar, and a bottled water.

Each bag has the musicians name on the outside that corresponds to the name on their envelope and music folder. This organisation is very important, because if for example, the lead guitarist got the folder of the dobro player, the charts would be highlighted in a different colour that designates where the musician is supposed to decorate in between a certain phrase of the song. 

If you recall Part One, the producer has made colour coded charts that apply to the lead guitarist,  banjo/fiddle/dobro/mando (utility player), and keyboardist.

This treat bag gives the musicians necessary snack food, that is essential throughout the day long session that includes twelve songs. The focus and energy spent is tremendous, and the GORP (good 'ole raisons and peanuts) and other snacks help keep the musicians attention sharp, as well as their body energised throughout the session. The treat bag is fun, too!

The assistant needs to plan for the lunch menu for the musicians and engineer. The producer has found that it is advantageous to keep the musicians together at lunch time. The synergy would be disrupted if the musicians took off for lunch elsewhere, and the time factor would be longer, figuring travel time to get a lunch a couple miles away, as well as unexpected time and events that may come up in the dining out factor. 

So the evening before the studio day, the 'producers assistant', buys Non GMO bread, sliced beef, ham, turkey, pickles, (personally slices onions and tomatoes); condiments of mayo and mustard; sliced cheese, cheese squares, crackers, paper plates, napkins, baby carrots and hummus; bananas, apples, grapes, pretzels, soda and  (beer which by the way, will ONLY be provided AFTER the session that day is finished!) Another treat for a job well done!

The day of the session, the assistant arrives an hour early with coolers that has all the delicious lunch makings. She places the fruit on the studios kitchen dining room table so the musicians can eat these nutritional  treats anytime during the session. At lunch time, she sets out all the sandwich makings and soda, utensils, napkins, etc. She oversees that all the musicians are well fed and feeling welcome to the food at hand. Even details of refrigeration is her responsibility so that the meats and condiments do not spoil. It is her responsibility to clean up after the session making sure the nice kitchen and dining room is as clean, as spotless it was when she arrived. 

The producer's assistant surely must be a fine hostess and financial planner. That and then some, she is and delivers well! Lol

BTW: The producer's assistant's name is MARIE:)


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