You Go To My Head - RELEASE!

Dear Friends,

I could not wait to share this new release with y'all ! 

This song is so perfect for the Football season  - well actually ANY SEASON with a reason to share good brews with your friends!


You Go to My Head   (spotify link)
 OK,  here's the Scenario: It’s Friday night and Brittney has met up with her posse at their favorite Micro Brewery. The gals are unwinding from a busy week at their jobs and they are SO happy to be at their festive hangout. Brittney strikes up a conversation with a friendly guy. She cannot believe how quickly he is growing on her - especially when she was NOT looking for a ‘Hook-Up’! Yep, sure enough - he’s Going to Her Head like a GOOD beer buzz! This song is meant for singing it at the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS with your Friends, of course, while enjoying your beer. (BTW: the beer is your excuse if you sing off key!


Cheers, Chakra Bleu 


Written by Chakra Bleu & Sue Halford; Produced by Chakra Bleu 
copyright 2017; Chakra Bleu Music 


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