Warner/Chappel Recording Project!

Happy Holidays y'all. There's much to be grateful for to say the least! I have been busy in the studio working on my 9th album! As y'all know, my genre is 'Americana' (which means I write/record/produce American music which includes Rock,Pop, Country, Blues, R&B/Soul, and Reggae too!) And yet, what I may add that makes Chakra Bleu stand out even more, is that I include 'Empower' songs on all my CD's - songs that are insightful, having 'food for thought'. Anyway, the recent session went quite well and was recorded here in Music City, USA on Music Row itself at Warner/Chappel Production Music, on 16th Ave.
This CD will be full on country, and will be released in May. As the producer on this project as well, I am deep into the mixing stage as we speak. I simply cannot wait to release this so I can share this with y'all. It has emotional content that will reach out wherever you are in your heart, mind and soul. So now you know why I've been so quiet: I've been SO busy, writing, editing, prepping charts, pre-production, rehearsing myself, getting musicians prepped, and so much more!

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