The Shadow - New Lyric Video RELEASED!

Hello my Dear Friends,
I’ve got yet another Big Treat to share with you! I invite you to sit back and enjoy my new Lyric Video. 
The Shadow’, (from my album ALL OF ME)  talks about the worthiness and uniqueness of who we really are as whole beings!
The 'Shadow' in this song refers to the repressed, disowned and unrecognised aspects of ourselves. Everyone is a blend of day and night, qualities both desirable and perhaps undesirable. We often focus on the inadequacies of our personalities, which we label as being a failure and undeserving. We dampen our feelings of Self-Worth by perceiving our 'Shadow' as negative - rarely looking at the trapped energy it contains. When we accept all of ourself, we liberate and allow a higher transcendence of this 'shadowed' energy, which in turn can bring out our finer qualities.
I am releasing this Lyric Video purposefully in this season of Fall. The physical decline and darkness experienced by the land as we approach winter represents something else, as well: it is the external embodiment of the darkness all people contain within themselves. Those negative/unhealthy/untruthful qualities within us can be restored to positive/healthy/transformation through truthful, honest awareness, self acceptance/non-judgement/Self love and forgiveness.
Many mistake the mystery of Autumn for darkness and depression, but in reality it is just about endings and transformation which will lead to new beginnings. There comes a time when the night must be braved, when the darkness must be faced. Darkness and light exists in all of us. Yet darkness, if ignored, grows and takes over like mold. It is only when exposed to light that we can overcome those ‘shadows.’ Autumn is the time to face darkness, a physical reminder of opportunity to accept and transform our Selves.
Look for the Light beneath the Shadow- that hidden Inner Power and Beauty that is the True You!   
*This song was inspired by the book ‘A Mythic Life’, written by Jean Houston
* Also available on all Major Online Music Stores 

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