Post CD Release - Chakra Bleu on Publicity Overdrive - Part 19

Oh Lawd, My Dear Friends, I don't complain much at all, but I would like to share a secret with you.

The work that I have encountered now, including all the songs that have been written, edited and re-edited; arranged, produced; mastered; photo shoots; artist direction to prep Graphic Artist; prepping for manufacturing decisions; prepping for the Live CD Release Show.... (I really enjoy all those parts:)

Yet, now comes the least fun of this business for me...Heavy Sigh... This is the chapter where I tackle the job of publicity, and media tasks. These tasks entail that of composing, addressing and sending umpteenth letters to publications to inquire for reviews and such. Yes, I'm a hands-on artist, yet this takes a LOT of TIME! This left brain admin stuff takes the snuff out of any live show-creative time. It was time again, to take the 'singer/songwriter' hat off to be the full time administrator and  publicist.

Meanwhile, the management company is getting a good start on radio airplay on Americana stations.   

Within a week, I will take my scheduled bi-yearly time off, to a writing Oasis, to BE THE SONGWRITER again; inspired by the water, trees, birds, write songs that I hope to inspire when I sing these writing, singing, producing bring so much Joy to my cannot contain this Energy...this Energy is meant to share the Beauty, Love and remind us all of the Essence of Joy WE ARE.

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