Passionate Activities; Musical Influences & Likes

Movies                                      Radio Shows                              TV Shows

Wizard Of Oz                          NPR- Fresh Air: Terry Gross         South Park

Sound Of Music                                                                     Rachel Maddow Show 


Raiders Of The Lost Arc (series)                                                Bill Moyers Show    

The Help                                                                               60 Minutes

The Secret                                                                                           


The Blind Side                                                                                     

Star Wars (series)          

Alien (series)

Cast Away

Jurassic Park (series)


Moon Rise Kingdom

Nine To Five

007-James Bond (all series)


Some favorite Authors & Books: 

Bhagavad Gita                                                                 Ester & Jerry Hicks: Vortex, etc.                                                               

Yoga Sutra of Patanjali                                                Shanti Christo Foundation: Way of Mastery

David Hawkins                                                           Paramahansa Yogananda books                                                                

Matthew Fox                                                                   Doreen Virtue

Pema Chodren                                                                  Marion Zimmer Bradley

Michael Talbot: The Holographic Universe                                 Edgar Cayce

Joseph Campbell: Power of Myth; Primitive Mythology                Emmit Fox

Robert Masters: Neurospeak                                                Charles Filmore

Jan Houston: A Mythic Life; Primitive Mythology                       Joseph Murphy

Charlotte Joko Beck: Everyday Zen                                        James Redfield

Lao Tzu’s: Tao Te Ching                                                       Margaret Starbird

B.K.S. Iyengar                                                                    Deepak Choprah

T.K.V Desikachar                                                                James Haught: Holy Horrors

Mystics: Emerson; Thoreau; Rumi                                           Jess Stearn books

Elaine Pagels: Beyond Belief                                                   Karen Armstrong: A History of God

Mystics: Emerson; Henry David Thoreau; Rumi                           Meister Eckhart     

Richard Bach: Illusions; Jonathan Livingston Seagull                   



Regular physical activities include cycling or elliptical machine for cardiovascular exercise; 

circuit training; yoga

 Backpacking; camping; trail walking; snow-skiing; in-line skating;  painting; reading, sport climbing; Water-skiing; playing in the, lake, peaceful fork of river





BA Education: Music & Exercise Physiology

CYI (Certified Yoga Instructor)

Reiki II



Musical Influences:


Emmylou Harris; Willie Nelson; Johnny Cash; Waylon Jennings; George Jones; Buck Owens; 

Loretta Lynn; Patsy Cline; Patti Lovelace; Mary Chapin Carpenter; 

Hank Williams Sr.; Lefty Frizzell; Glen Campbell; Merle Haggard; Lacy J. Dalton



Pretenders;  Fleetwood Mac; Annie Lennox;  Heart;  Hall & Oates;  Tom Petty;  Boston;  Eagles; REM; Bruce Springsteen; Journey;

Bonnie Raitt; Stevie Ray Vaughn; Eric Clapton; Ella Fitzgerald;  Billie Holliday;

Sara Vaughn; George Benson; Delbert McClinton;


**Chakra Bleu also has been influenced by Jazz & Swing artists (& sang jazz in HS/College) 

...some favorites include the greats: Sinatra; Glenn Miller; Lena Horne; Jango Reinhardt;

Allison Mose; Tony Bennett; Dave Brubeck; Zoot Sims; ; Wynton Marsalis; John Coltrane; 

Miles Davis; Nat King Cole Trio; Thelonious Monk; Larry Carlton; Artie Shaw; and many more 


World Music thrills her taste in music in that is brings fresh sounds of rhythms and modes, bringing about the vibrancy of a particular culture. 


Favorite Producers:

Owen Bradley (Brenda Lee; Loretta Lynn; Patsy Cline; Buddy Holly;Conway Twitty,etc)

Emory Gordon Jr. (Patty Lovelace; Steve Earle; Rodney Crowell; Emmylou Harris; John Denver)

Trevor Horn (Seal; Grace Jones; Barry Manilow; Paul McCartney; Pet Shop Boys; Tina Turner; Rod Stewart; Frankie Goes to Hollywood)

Hugh Padgham (Police; Phil Collins; XTC; Davie Bowie; Melissa Etheridge; Split Enz; etc.)

Scott Matthews     (Etta James; Patti Labelle; Huey Lewis; Nick Lowe; Bonnie Raitt;      Steve Perry; Stevie Ray Vaughn; Eric Clapton; Elvis Costello; Roy Orbison; Pointer Sisters, etc.)


Favorite Songs:

At Last (Etta James); Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers/George Benson version);

Sleepwalk by Larry Carlton; Sweet Dreams(by Don Gibson-Patsy Cline version); 

Together Again (by Buck Owens-Emmylou Harris version)

**there are umpteenth songs that are Chakra Bleu’s ‘favorites’ and would fill pages listing them!








Who Would Chakra Bleu Like to Invite to a Dinner Party?


The Clintons; The Obamas; The Bidens; Oprah; Shirley Maclaine; Bono; Rachel Maddow; Whoopi Goldberg; 

Seal; Ellen Degeneres; Ed Schultz; Sigourney Weaver; Ben Affleck; George Clooney; Bruce Springsteen; 

Dolly Parton; Lily Tomlin; Michael Moore;  Bill Moyers; Terry Gross; Madonna

Tony Robbins; Jillian Michaels; Nina Turner; Margaret Cho; Sasha Cohen; Annie Lennox;  Melissa Harris Perry

*** Entertainment by B52’s !




“I’m not a person that has music on all the time, nor do I watch much TV, except for some current events like MSNBC & PBR shows. Often, I prefer the sound of silence on a trail, and thoroughly enjoy listening to the sweet songs of birds. The silence allows me to reflect deeply and the open space in my mind often leads me to hear new melodies and lyrics.


It’s the sweet conglomeration of all the influences of artists I’ve had throughout the years, that are in varied genres milling around in my subconscious, that has shaped me into the Pop/Rock/Americana artist I am today, along with the full-on integrity to write only from the heart, within a disciplined skill of songwriting, thanks to Nashville music biz and years of hard- yet satisfying passionate work.”


Above all, if I can inspire a person to feel a sense of joy and empowerment within themselves, 

through my music and/or words, then I’m doing my job well and fulfilling my deepest desire to

serve through extending Love, Passion and Bliss.”   ~ Chakra Bleu


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