New Lyric Video release: Tumbleweed Roll On!

Dear Friends, 

I couldn't wait to share this treat with y'all: My new lyric video: 'Tumbleweed Roll On'. This song is from my latest CD (my 8th album) OUR OWN PARADISE.  This song is about the struggle of getting back up again on your feet, after a romance falls. Heart broken and tail tucked for a good while...then giving 'Love' another chance, despite the fear in your heart and put yourself 'Out on the Limb' again. 

I wrote this song with a Tumbleweed in I've seen those critters rolling across some roads, looking lost, yet still rollin' on..

..Kind of like 'Lookin for Love'... no - I did NOT say 'In All the Wrong Places!' Lol.   

My 'Tumbleweed', in this song, is Hopeful and Determined to find the Love that's just around the corner, at the next Green Oasis. The swing music in this song, portrays a HAPPY DANCE into ROMANCE: uh hem...that rhymed. Wink/ Lol


Enjoy Y'all and Happy Spring. I wish you all: BIG LOVE, Happiness, Health, Insight and Peace!   Truly Yours, Chakra Bleu



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