Lyric Video for 'Our Own Paradise'

I'm SO excited to shared with y'all a series of SUMMER EXTRAVAGANZA 'Lyric Videos'. These will primarily start from my 8th CD, an album with rich island reggae, R&B, pop flavours packed with a FUN summer vibe.
OUR OWN PARADISE is the album and this special lyric video is the title track 'Our Own Paradise'.

OUR OWN PARADISE is about…When you’re in love, it doesn’t matter where both of you are, or what you’re doing, for the experience will feel grand and larger than life.
For example: Your pay checks may afford you both to eat at cheesy fast food restaurants, yet when you’re in love it will feel like you’re dining at Five Star restaurants. Or, perhaps you both may be living in an apartment in a rundown neighbourhood, yet when you’re in love, it will feel like you’re living in a mansion in the high class part of town!
In other words, you both may be living like paupers, yet when you’re in love it feels like you’re  a King and Queen, living in a Mediterranean Paradise!


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Enjoy mes amies!
Chakra Bleu

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