Creating my 9th album/PART TWO: what songs to pick for album

After arriving back in Nashville late August 2018, after my summer writing project, I got a strong gut prompting that it was time to start planning for my next CD recording project.

There sitting in my music office room, I pulled out my strongest songs and organised them into genres. Some went into the Pop/Rock pile; others into a country/American pile; and others into a R&B/Blues/Reggae pile. What was obvious was that I had the amount of four album worth of songs, which is about 48 songs! 

I asked myself what genre I felt more pulled to record. The last album was Pop/R&B/Reggae. Though it was a tough decision, I decided to go with a Country genre this time. I had two albums worth of this genre, so I decided which songs would fit best together. I picked songs that were straight up country; traditional country; Americana; and three wild card songs. Wha?? One song is Western (a song about a woman who carries the ever present memories of sexual abuse); another powerful song about the atrocities of Native Americans; and the third wild card song is a very upbeat song called Living Life Grand. Think of the song 'Walking On Sunshine'. This one will cure anyone of the blues for sure! For days I would play these 12 songs together and found that two of the songs just didn't fit right with the others. So I replaced them with two other country songs that when played with the other ten, fit more smoothly. It's a bit like a puzzle.



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