Chakra Bleu
Chakra Bleu


Verse: Wake up in a fog Maybe this waking state is a dream Veiled reality - maybe this life isn't what it seems Whoah - just another zombie Whoah- sleep walking zombie Verse: A web of illusion Material world imbedded in your head Lost in confusion Another day amoung the living dead Just another zombie-sleep walking zombie Chorus: Oblivious to any rhyme or reason Time passing by without any meaning Drifting on and barely breathing Just another zombie Sleep walking zombie Verse: Routine is cunning It slowly steals your soul away A mezmerizer - you feel safe in it's hold until it's too late Just another zombie Sleep walking zombie Chorus: Just living life going through the motions Void of passion and any emotion A dead-end vaze full of static commotion Just another zombie Sleep walking zombie

Music by Chakra Bleu    Published by Chakra Bleu Music  2011

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