Unlock the Secrets

Chakra Bleu
Chakra Bleu


This song was based upon an interpretation of a dream, based on the three levels of consciousness by Carl Jung. The basement, main floor and upstairs all align with the hidden layers of consciousness of this dreamer.


I wrestle with my demons night after night Obscurity in darkness - a past that needs the light Buried deep is a mystery sealed dead-air tight My throat is gripped in silence, clamped shut from the fright Chorus: Unlock the secrets behind the basement door Don't hide your message from me anymore Locked away for much too long, I need the truth to move on... Unlock the secrets behind the basement door Verse: In a cold dark basement They're buried beneath the floor With dread I watch three bodies come back to life once more Grotesque from years of unrest, they're out to settle a score Scrambling up the staircase, I quickly lock the door...to chorus Verse: Demons seep from closets in haunted rooms upstairs Ascending stairs lead up to angry ghosts everywhere Then down the hall on the mainfloor, a zombie reaches me Awakened from the terror, I get up so I won't dream

Words and Music by Chakra Bleu; Published by Chakra Bleu Music; 2003 (BMI)

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