The Power of Love

Chakra Bleu
Chakra Bleu


The 'miraculous' healing power of love can mend any bridge that has been 'burned'. Forgiveness is a big step in this process. This includes releasing the strings that bind you to the past, along with wishing for and sending good will/kind thoughts, as well as giving understanding and respect for the Divinity in the other person; and finally, putting your trust in the Higher Power/Intelligence/Mind/ Spirit to take care of the final healing process. Anyone can apply the healing power of love to ANY troubled relationship! The impossible becomes possible through Love. It REALLY works! I've experienced the wondrous healing effects that Love has brought into my life.


Memories of wounds dug in like trenches Deadening compassion of the senses Eye for an eye - angers slave Hoarding old nightmares to the grave chorus: Love, it will mend any pain With love, no more friction will remain Love tears down any walls No gulf that enough love won't bridge - it heals all Verse: Love never takes any sides Love sees beyond foolish pride No conditions to be earned Brand new bridges built where the old ones burned chorus Bridge: Send kind thoughts to those who have hurt you so Watch and see love work a miracle

Words and Music by Chakra Bleu; Chakra Bleu Music 2005 (BMI)

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