Black Elephant

Chakra Bleu
Chakra Bleu


Maybe some of you have heard about the 'elephant' that lies in the middle of a family's home. It refers to a faux pas issue. In other words, everyone in this particular family may know about this taboo subject, but they know better than bringing up the each of them walk around the 'elephant' as if it's not there. They don't talk about 'it' because it would mean 'letting the cat out of the bag' - facing the problem head on. If a problem has been buried for years, (in a family, in a relationship/marriage/partnership,company or work place) the issue will only have festered more because 'stuffing' one's emotions leads to resentment and anger. Sometimes people choose not to talk about the issue because it would definitely threaten the peace - or as the song says,"status quo". The person who steps on the elephant, will face the rage of the person who has chosen to keep this faux pas issue contained all these years. ( I called 'it' the 'Black Elephant' because the color black can refer to obscurity, mystery, darkness, ignorance, negativity,destruction.


Quiet now, it's a secret Sometimes things are better left unsaid - turn your head Smelling foul while it festers - Just pretend that it's not there-- but it's there Watch it grow as you tip-toe around Hold your breath so you'll stay safe and sound Chorus: Walk around the black elephant Round and around the black elephant Verse: Tell the truth and face the fury Watch your world turn upside-down - or walk around Wake the beast - all hell will break lose Wave goodbye to any status quo You're on your own Risk to lose the little that you had Stuffing pain isn't looking all that bad chorus...

Words and Music by Chakra Bleu Music; Published by Chakra Bleu Music 2003; (BMI)


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