Be the Rhythm

Chakra Bleu
Chakra Bleu


I personally felt the Spirit as a young girl in the woods behind our cabin. There on the trails, I felt the 'friendly Presence'. This 'Force' wasn't confined to a church or captured in the descriptions of dogma. No boundaries - all inclusive, gentle, friendly and loving. The word 'Rhythm' in this song refers the the Infinite Presence (or whatever you like to call It/Him/Her/Spirit/Goddess) The last line of the chorus says, "let go and BE the Rhythm." You cannot BE something that is not in and of your consciousness. In other words, the moment you think of the Source being wthin, it is so. you then 'tune into' the Infinite Presence. However, if you think of God as being outside of yourself, then there is instantly a separation of consciiousness. Let's just say all inharmony begins there. It is somewhat like when for example, a basketball player gets 'in the zone.' This is a phrase that describes those moments when a player feels like he/she becomes 'one' with the ball. She/he will stop 'trying' to shoot the ball - it just happens. All the motions become effortless. Their cognitive mind steps out of the way opening the door to their subconscious/superconscious mind where theree is no time or space. The object of objectified instantaneously. Precision and perfection follow, accompanied by an overwhelming sense of peace or relaxation.


Verse: There's a Presence all around us - Mighty Breath of Life surrounds us When we attune with this power, life will unfold like a flower Chorus: Lose yourself within the rhythm Dance to your inner vision Feel your soul surge in the fusion Let go and Be the rhythm Verse: If you listen you will hear it In the stillness you will feel It Means behind all inspiration Silent Force of all creation chorus... Verse: Beating drums around a fire Sacred memories now transpire Journey inward to the mountain Where there flow a hold chorus

Words and Music by Chakra Bleu; Published by Chakra Bleu 2005 (BMI)

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